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Platinum Buds is Canada’s source for high grade cannabis. We specialize in premium flower and hash for people who want the best.

While our competition is fighting an endless battle to see who can sell the cheapest garbage they can find – we focus on quality.

We supply a reliable, trustworthy source of high grade flower and hash with a strict quality control process to make sure our clients get the premium product they’re looking for.

We’ve been in this business since the good old days when quality was king, but somewhere along the way people lost sight of what’s important. Nowadays, people are so focused on getting the cheapest price that sometimes we forget price isn’t the only thing that matters.

What good is a cheap ounce if you don’t get to enjoy the taste, smell, potency, smooth burn and unique characteristics of quality? How much money are you really saving when you smoke it twice as fast because it isn’t very good?

The people selling high grade cannabis have become few and far between. As the demand has gone down, premium cannabis has become a novelty item. This means people who don’t want to smoke cheap, low quality cannabis are forced to pay as much as $15/gram to get the high quality product they’re looking for.

Platinum Buds offers premium cannabis for a fair price. While our selection might be small, this is only because a very limited amount of flower and hash meets our exceptionally high standards.

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