Gold Seal Hash

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Our premium gold seal hash is handmade in BC and boasts a sweet, spicy taste and aroma that’s guaranteed to please. Breaking a piece open reveals that beautiful green/gold color that immediately lets you know it’s high quality.  Potent, smooth and freshly made with care in small batches.


1 oz

3 reviews for Gold Seal Hash

  1. JMac

    Some of the best hash I’ve had in years. Reminds me of the stuff we used to get back in the day

  2. Mirza

    This is good hash. Good value.

  3. Peanut Butter Jelly

    I’m really impressed with this hash. I’ve spent as much as $400 for an ounce of gold seal hash and this is just as good. It smells good, tastes good, burns and crumbles perfectly and is more potent than many other kinds of domestic hash I’ve tried in the past. I was expecting lower quality for this price but I was pleasantly surprised.

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