Pine Tar Kush


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Pine Tar Kush is an indica strain directly connected to the famous Kush strain. The name originates from the piney kush flavour and signature stickiness. Pine Tar Kush has a mild citrus taste combined with a distinct earthy pine profile, giving it a uniquely delicious flavour. The exhale is a little bit spicy, accompanied by a tangy, sweet and skunky smell to compliment the pine and kushy citrus characteristics perfectly.

The early stages of the high from Pine Tar Kush can be described as euphoric, happy and uplifting in a way that makes the user more focused and positive. As the high progresses, it takes on a more relaxed feeling that tends to permeate through your whole body. The final product creates a body buzz that leaves the user blissfully sedated. Many people report getting some hardcore munchies from this strain so make sure you have snacks on hand. The powerful effects of Pine Tar Kush are largely due to its high average THC level, making it ideal to treat conditions such as insomnia, depression, muscle spasms and lack of appetite.


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